Church Family Retreat!

It was that time of year for us to head off for Family Retreat with some of our church family.  Let me tell you what our kids talk about from about October until Retreat……RETREAT!  “How many weeks until Retreat?”  “Can we play hockey again at Retreat?”  “Will we push all the bunk beds together again like we did last year at Retreat?”  “How many days until Retreat?”

Needless to say, our kids love Family Retreat.  (And if you’re counting, I’ve typed the word ‘retreat’ 10 times already.  Now you know what it’s like around our house!)

We’re so grateful to not only belong to a church that emphasizes family but to feel truly accepted there.  We joined this church about 3 years ago now (that’s hard to believe) and felt welcomed from day 1.  We give thanks for everyone there constantly and have had a great time getting to know people better. Our church is small but is a real force in the community.  It’s a place I feel anyone could truly feel welcome.  We’ve learned SO much about our faith, God, and the Bible while there.  Our Pastor is always willing to help us on our life paths and give guidance.  We love her very much!  My hope is that you would find a place such as this!




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