Real People Fitness…Enjoy the Journey!

Almost two years ago (!!!) I met someone named Michael Smith on Twitter.  I was tweeting about my T25 workouts because it felt good to brag about it and maybe I would find some others who were doing the program too.  Mike began to tell me that he was a coach for Beachbody (the company I had already fallen in love with years ago).  He invited me to join his online support group, Real People Fitness.  I remember asking him, “What does it cost?”  His response?  “Last I checked, Facebook was free.”  And that’s been Mike ever since!!  😉 The guy keeps me grounded, in check, and on the ball with my health and fitness.  Like his group is called, it’s all “real people”.  I began posting in there about my T25 workouts, found some “workout buddies” doing the same program.  It was so supportive!!!  Luckily, my husband Ted is my number one support.  I couldn’t do what I do without him.  The group was a bonus, some icing on the cake to keep me going.  And since joining Real People Fitness, I’ve conquered T25 (again!), Insanity, 21 Day Fix, P90X3, and Hammer and Chisel (3 workouts away, anyway!)  Needless to say, this group has kept me motivated, even through my down times.  They were always there, waiting for me to pick myself back up.  There is always someone to relate to me.


Fast forward to now….I coach my OWN group now called Enjoy the Journey!  Mike told me I was coaching all along anyway.  I was buying Beachbody programs already; why not get 25% off of them in the future?  Coaching was a natural fit for me, although it took a LOT of convincing.  I wasn’t sure I’d have the time.  Additionally, I didn’t think I had what it took.  I didn’t have a perfect body, like you see in the picture above.  Why would people want to listen to me or be inspired by me?  What did I have to give?

With help from Ted, my friends who showed me that God has a purpose for all of us and that the gifts he gives us are to be used to bring Him glory, from my own coach, and from fellow coaches, I saw that I DO have what it takes.  My passion for holistic health….MIND…BODY…and SOUL…can be shared with others through Enjoy the Journey and through coaching for this wonderful, inspiring company.  My group has gone through many changes.  People come and go.  But it will forever be a rock for me and for anyone else that wishes to join.  A rock of support.  No matter what!!!  If you would like to join the group, please visit us here: Enjoy the Journey Health & Fitness

Enjoy the Journey (our most recent cover photo!)

Enjoy the Journey!.png (a cover photo of the past!)

Enjoy the journey health & fitness.png (my Twitter cover that shares ALL of my passions!  Follow me @mbsmama!)


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