Advent Reflections … Day 2 … Time Freeze!

Today’s Reflection Question is: If time froze for everyone but you for one hour, what would you do with that hour?

First off, does that mean I’m an hour older than everyone else?  😉

If I had an hour in which everyone else was frozen (a la Mannequin Challenge?) I would… go shopping!!  Not to steal, no no no.  It would be so I don’t have to fight the crowds in the parking lot, the streets, and the stores! I would peacefully go about my business, leaving my debit card info for the frozen cashiers and come home in peace on the roads, listening to Christmas music in my car while all the other cars oh-so-nicely let me pass.


Check out these “mannequin Christmas trees”.  I didn’t know this was even a thing!

fabartdiy-diy-mannequin-christmas-tree-tutorial-ft(Image Credit:


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