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“Still” People

There are a lot of “Still” people on social media, commenting away, still miserable, still nowhere. Don’t let them get you riled up. Block, ignore, make constructive & kind comments, and pray for them. Other than that, remember to focus on what you can control– your attitude and actions. Those things go a long way in influencing other people. You have the power to be that ripple that just may change others. But don’t force it.



Joshua 24 … last chapter!

~Joshua 24 today~ The last chapter of this book! This may be the most well-known chapter of Joshua because it contains the verse: “But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” (24:15b) In this chapter, Joshua is asking the people to re-commit to the Lord. To give up old idols and serve the one true God. Sometimes we don’t want to give up our old idols because they make us feel comfortable and in control — gossip, revenge, mean-spiritedness, binge eating or tv, working extra hours just to be the best or most wealthy, the same old music we love even though there are terrible lyrics. I know, I know. No fun, right? The gains are worth it, though!!! What you give up is nothing compared to what you gain.


Advent Reflections … Day 6 … Delegation

Today’s Advent Reflection question is: What in my daily life do I need to delegate?

Lately, I’ve been overwhelmed by the messiness of our house.  I know a lot of it could be alleviated if the kids had daily chores.  They do little things now– our 9 year old sweeps under the kitchen table after dinner, the littler ones set the table before.  They put away their clothes after we fold them.  And they do things as we ask (generally without much complaining…)  Beyond that though, they don’t have much in terms of daily chores.  I think what may help is a chore chart of some kind.  I’ve tried it in the past but it’s never been a long-term thing.

Today I’ll take some time to scour Pinterest for chore chart ideas!


Advent Reflections … Days 4 & 5 … A Gentle & Quiet Spirit/Being Thrown for a Loop

I don’t get on my computer much on Sundays, so Mondays are for catch up.  Yesterday’s (Day 4’s) Advent Reflection question was:

What is one thing I can do today to promote a gentle and quiet spirit in me?

To promote a gentle and quiet spirit in me, I have to keep focusing on what matters and stay anchored in TRUTH.  So this means not skipping my daily Bible reading and keep the prayer conversation with God going.

Today (Day 5’s) Advent Reflection question is:

What is going to attempt to throw me for a loop this month?  What can I do about it?

Since it’s December, the things that will throw me for a loop are being too busy to promote that quiet and gentle spirit, getting caught up in materialism, and since it’s this particular December, focusing too much on the things that anger me in our country right now.

I really DO want to focus on what matters — My God.  My family.  My friends.  The birth of a baby boy 2016 years ago who would become My Savior.  But the time of year and our nation’s events are distracting me … so back to My Bible I go and back to My Conversation That Never Ends.

God Bless!


Advent Reflections … Day 3 … Ordering My Day

Happy Saturday!

Today’s Advent Reflection Question is How can I best order my day today to get done what I need to do?

Time management and me… not usually a good combo.

This question is geared at today but generally Saturdays are a day based on whatever the family has going on and in the Christmas season, that can be a lot of different things!  Today is was craft fair shopping and lunch with Nana!

Generally, to best order my day I have to decide what the “must-do’s” are or the “non-negotiables”.  Besides the obvious things I do automatically for the family (breakfast, lunches, etc.) these are:

  • Time with God (Bible reading, prayer, devotions, book study, etc.)
  • Exercise
  • Housework

I find if I don’t get time with God, exercise, and housework done within the first few hours of waking up, chances are they won’t happen and my day feels out of whack.  So I think setting the intention of getting that accomplished early in the day is the best way to get done what I need to do.

During other seasons of the year, such as when my class is going on, I have to make grading papers and lesson planning a non-negotiable and for that I best order that into the day by simply setting the time aside and making a plan as to when and where it will happen.

Pretty basic reflection and good for me!  I needed this reminder.



(Image found on


Advent Reflections … Day 2 … Time Freeze!

Today’s Reflection Question is: If time froze for everyone but you for one hour, what would you do with that hour?

First off, does that mean I’m an hour older than everyone else?  😉

If I had an hour in which everyone else was frozen (a la Mannequin Challenge?) I would… go shopping!!  Not to steal, no no no.  It would be so I don’t have to fight the crowds in the parking lot, the streets, and the stores! I would peacefully go about my business, leaving my debit card info for the frozen cashiers and come home in peace on the roads, listening to Christmas music in my car while all the other cars oh-so-nicely let me pass.


Check out these “mannequin Christmas trees”.  I didn’t know this was even a thing!

fabartdiy-diy-mannequin-christmas-tree-tutorial-ft(Image Credit:

Advent Reflections … Day 1 … Improving my Spiritual Walk

I was inspired to start writing here again when my friend Angela posted and tagged me in a “30 Days of Reflection” challenge.  I wanted to do something like this anyway leading up to Christmas, so this was perfect timing.  Here is the set of reflection questions, for anyone that would like to join in (Thank you Stone Soup for Five for the questions!)


The question for today is What is one thing I could do this month to improve my spiritual walk?

The thing that has been on my mind most about my spiritual walk lately is praying for those I really don’t feel like praying for.  Jesus tells us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us.  I’ve been feeling a whole host of negative emotions lately (anger, frustration, bewilderment, etc, etc, etc) and I know that the best way to combat those emotions is to pray them away!  So that means praying for people that anger me, frustrate me, make me bewildered, etc.  So to improve my spiritual walk this month, that is what I set out to do.

I use a prayer app called Echo.  You can enter in specific prayers and even set reminders throughout the day.  You can set certain prayers at certain times (which I do sometimes … such as when my friend’s dad was having surgery … I set the prayer for the specific time he was going in).  Or you can set it to random prayers at set times.  Today I’ll be adding in these negativity diffusing prayers!!

God bless!

Real People Fitness…Enjoy the Journey!

Almost two years ago (!!!) I met someone named Michael Smith on Twitter.  I was tweeting about my T25 workouts because it felt good to brag about it and maybe I would find some others who were doing the program too.  Mike began to tell me that he was a coach for Beachbody (the company I had already fallen in love with years ago).  He invited me to join his online support group, Real People Fitness.  I remember asking him, “What does it cost?”  His response?  “Last I checked, Facebook was free.”  And that’s been Mike ever since!!  😉 The guy keeps me grounded, in check, and on the ball with my health and fitness.  Like his group is called, it’s all “real people”.  I began posting in there about my T25 workouts, found some “workout buddies” doing the same program.  It was so supportive!!!  Luckily, my husband Ted is my number one support.  I couldn’t do what I do without him.  The group was a bonus, some icing on the cake to keep me going.  And since joining Real People Fitness, I’ve conquered T25 (again!), Insanity, 21 Day Fix, P90X3, and Hammer and Chisel (3 workouts away, anyway!)  Needless to say, this group has kept me motivated, even through my down times.  They were always there, waiting for me to pick myself back up.  There is always someone to relate to me.


Fast forward to now….I coach my OWN group now called Enjoy the Journey!  Mike told me I was coaching all along anyway.  I was buying Beachbody programs already; why not get 25% off of them in the future?  Coaching was a natural fit for me, although it took a LOT of convincing.  I wasn’t sure I’d have the time.  Additionally, I didn’t think I had what it took.  I didn’t have a perfect body, like you see in the picture above.  Why would people want to listen to me or be inspired by me?  What did I have to give?

With help from Ted, my friends who showed me that God has a purpose for all of us and that the gifts he gives us are to be used to bring Him glory, from my own coach, and from fellow coaches, I saw that I DO have what it takes.  My passion for holistic health….MIND…BODY…and SOUL…can be shared with others through Enjoy the Journey and through coaching for this wonderful, inspiring company.  My group has gone through many changes.  People come and go.  But it will forever be a rock for me and for anyone else that wishes to join.  A rock of support.  No matter what!!!  If you would like to join the group, please visit us here: Enjoy the Journey Health & Fitness

Enjoy the Journey (our most recent cover photo!)

Enjoy the Journey!.png (a cover photo of the past!)

Enjoy the journey health & fitness.png (my Twitter cover that shares ALL of my passions!  Follow me @mbsmama!)

“No repose and no resting place…”

I am taking some time this afternoon to do some Bible study and spend time with Jesus, because once again, I didn’t wake up early enough to do it at the start of my day.  But it’s all good; I know the Lord will take time to be with me whenever I’m able.  He doesn’t care if it’s morning, noon, or night.  He just wants me to spend time with him!

I wanted to share some thoughts I had just now.  They were “ah-ha” moments, as Oprah likes to call them.  Last night, I started writing down verses from each book of the Bible in order that we can use with our family as memory verses.  I got to Deuteronomy and was scanning verses I had previously underlined or starred that would work for our family and that the kids would understand.  I don’t have much underlined in this book to be honest.  I haven’t read much of it because it’s heavy and long!  This afternoon, I came across a passage that I’ve never read before and had that “ah-ha” moment I was talking about.

Do you ever read a blog post or Facebook status and think, “How does she/he understand that so well?  Did he/she read my private journal?  That is exactly what I was thinking or feeling!”  I felt that when I read Deuteronomy Chapter 28, verses 58-68.  This short passage describes perfectly where I used to be and how I used to feel!!  And based on a lot of Facebook statuses and tweets I read and conversations with people I have, this is still a lot of you!  Indulge me…

This Chapter is called “Blessings and Curses for Disobedience”.  Stay with me!!  When it gets to verse 58, towards the end of the chapter, it talks about what will befall us if we don’t carefully follow God’s Ten Commandments and if we “do not revere the glorious and awesome name–the Lord your God–…”.  Here is where it gets into where I used to be and where a lot of people unfortunately are still stuck in my opinion.  Verse 64 talks about being “scattered” (Biblical scholars would get into talking about the Diaspora here, but I’m taking it a different route, where God got me thinking…) When I’m scattered, I “will find no repose, no resting place for the sole of my foot.” (verse 65). This is where I am flabbergasted: Verse 65 goes on to say, “The Lord your God will give you an anxious heart, eyes weary with longing, and a despairing heart. (66) You will live in constant suspense, filled with dread for both night and day, never sure of your life.  (65) In the morning, you will say, ‘If only it were evening!’ and in the evening, ‘If only it were morning!’.  

Who can relate?!?  This passage describes (to me):

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • a feeling of drifting in life
  • not really having a goal or knowing what will give you happiness
  • dreading waking up because you have no passions in life

People are uncomfortable with the thought of God purposely causing pain.  But I can tell you first-hand that God does EVERYTHING for the good of those that love him.  The things I’ve been through were part of God’s plan and it all brought me closer to him!  I’m learning to trust him completely!  Everything in my life, good AND bad, can bring me closer to God and closer to the person God made me to be.

My prayer is that everyone I know would release their anxiety, depression, drifting feelings, feelings of loss, confusion, etc. up to God!!  He doesn’t WANT you to hurt or feel pain, but the pain and hurt you WILL feel because that is part of the human experience, can draw you closer to him.  Don’t live any longer with “an anxious heart”, “eyes weary with longing”, “a despairing heart”, in “constant suspense”, wishing that you were anywhere rather than where you were.



Church Family Retreat!

It was that time of year for us to head off for Family Retreat with some of our church family.  Let me tell you what our kids talk about from about October until Retreat……RETREAT!  “How many weeks until Retreat?”  “Can we play hockey again at Retreat?”  “Will we push all the bunk beds together again like we did last year at Retreat?”  “How many days until Retreat?”

Needless to say, our kids love Family Retreat.  (And if you’re counting, I’ve typed the word ‘retreat’ 10 times already.  Now you know what it’s like around our house!)

We’re so grateful to not only belong to a church that emphasizes family but to feel truly accepted there.  We joined this church about 3 years ago now (that’s hard to believe) and felt welcomed from day 1.  We give thanks for everyone there constantly and have had a great time getting to know people better. Our church is small but is a real force in the community.  It’s a place I feel anyone could truly feel welcome.  We’ve learned SO much about our faith, God, and the Bible while there.  Our Pastor is always willing to help us on our life paths and give guidance.  We love her very much!  My hope is that you would find a place such as this!