Beachbody Challenge

Beachbody Challenge

bb_challenge_lg_horiz_light_high_resTake the Team Beachbody Challenge with me!  As a Team Beachbody Coach, I am here to help you select the perfect Beachbody program and product to help you reach your health and fitness goals.  The Team Beachbody Challenge is an AWESOME way for you to see REAL change in your health.  I’ve seen it happen with myself and also with countless fellow coaches, clients, and people around the world!

The Journey Continues...               21 Day Fix Before and After               11 Years Later!

Taking the Challenge means…

  1. You commit to a certain Beachbody fitness program.
  2. You also devote 30 days to drinking any flavor of Shakeology as a meal replacement OR as a snack.  (Did you know you should be having at least 2 healthy snacks a day?  Cookies or chips don’t count!)  See what your body will amaze you with in those 30 days!
  3. When you take the Challenge, I am your coach.  From Day 1 to Day 21, 60, or 90.  I will be there when you have questions, when you need encouragement, and to celebrate with you when you finish!
  4. When you submit your Before and After pictures to Team Beachbody, you earn a FREE T-SHIRT with your program on it to brag about your success AND you get entered to win the daily $500 prize and weekly $1,000 prize!!!!

Visit the Team Beachbody website to explore CHALLENGE PACKS HERE.  They can only be found on the TBB site and through coaches!!!  

There are monthly sales that feature certain Challenge Packs at discount rates which is a SWEET DEAL but ALL Challenge Packs are the surest way to get you Shakeology AND a fitness program at the best rate.  “Bundling” as Frank likes to call it on American Pickers!  Feel free to ask which Challenge Packs are currently the featured sale!!

And if you decide you’d like to be a Coach like me (and why wouldn’t you when we get 25% off everything!?) your discount applies immediately for your Challenge Pack purchase AND your sign-up fee of $40 is waived!  🙂

Contact me (info here) and we can start discussing your goals and what Challenge Pack might be right for you!




Let’s talk about your goals!

~ Do you need to lose weight?  Whether the doctor ordered it or your clothes just aren’t feeling quite right lately, we all have an ideal weight for our body frame.

~ Do you wish to build muscle and get stronger?  Does swinging your kids around in the backyard leave you breathless and feeling weak?  If you want to enter a bathing suit competition or just want to lift your kids over your head without feeling like you’re going to drop them on your head, STRONG is the new sexy!

~ Do you want your core stronger, so day to day activities are easier?  Do you want to know how GREAT it feels when every little movement seems….in tune?  Just how God intended your body to work?

~ Do you need help controlling your portion sizes and boosting your nutrition with the fuel your body needs?  Whether you are brand new to eating right or have just slacked off due to the holidays or winter weather, we can get you back on track.


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