Currently, I am in Week 4 of the Beachbody fitness program Hammer and Chisel!  Check out the blog portion of this site for updates about my progress and my reviews of the program.  The trainers are Autumn Calabrese of 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme and Sagi Kalev of Body Beast.  This my 8th Beachbody program!!!  If you think that Hammer & Chisel is a program that might be just the one to challenge you, to help you lose weight, to make your muscles strong, and to just plain feel great about yourself (because those are definitely MY goals with it!!) visit this site often as I give my play-by-plays and also visit my Team Beachbody website to read more about it.  The program can be purchased at a discounted rate right now as a Challenge Pack with a month supply of Shakeology (my favorite flavor?  Chocolate Vegan!!!)

Hammer and Chisel Challenge Pack

hammer and chisel

I’m using the 21 Day Fix inspired meal plan that goes with the program along with the help of Tosca Rena and her book, The Eat Clean Diet Stripped.  I’m using many of Tosca’s suggestions and am utilizing the portion control system that comes with Hammer & Chisel.  Tosca’s book is fantastic and does discuss portion sizes.  But it’s one thing to tell me about it and another to have a physical container that shows me how to do it.  I love those containers!!!!  I already had a set from 21 Day Fix, but now got an extra set with Hammer & Chisel.  Yahooo!!!!



Eat Clean Diet

Here is an example of how I plan out my week of workouts and meals during a program.  This is my current Week 3 of Hammer and Chisel.  I have 6 small meals a day basically.  I’m currently working on cutting back on caffeine!!  So this schedule includes 2-3 cups of black coffee a day and 2-3 cups of green or herbal tea, plus lots and lots and lots of water (yes, I pee a lot!!)