Challenge Group Time!

It’s about time we coached another one!!!  If you’ve been hearing about 21 Day Fix and Shakeology and the amazing results it’s been giving people, join us.  This isn’t a short cut to good health and fitness (most people go more than just one round!)  This is a dedicated and concentrated effort to turn your health around.  It’s a healthy  way to lose weight and get toned.  No magic pills here.  I don’t even replace meals with my shake; I eat 6 times a day!!

This 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme  Challenge Group can help you:

  • Get control of your food portion sizes
  • Add more nutritiously dense food to your diet LIKE………………TA DA! (In a wine glass…….so fancy!)
  • 20160210_115427-1.jpgEliminate foods that are doing you NO good
  • Make exercise a regular part of your life
  • Lose weight
  • Be encouraged!!!  For me, the best part of being in a group such as this is the motivation the other group members give me when I’m down. They care about my success and want to help me get there!!!


21 Day Fix or 21 Day FixExtremeCHALLENGEGROUP!

Join me and my OWN coach, Michael, as we coach YOU through 21 days of one of the greatest programs we’ve ever done!

If you would like more information, friend me on Facebook and message me (Kelly Patricia), follow me on Twitter and tweet me (@mbsmama), or email me at  I would be happy to answer your questions!

The first time I went through 21 Day Fix, I lost 5 pounds (that is the picture you see above).  For me, it was that stubborn, last 5 that just had to go.  This program did it. But it’s also helped countless others lose 10, 15, 20, 25, or even more.  I have a friend that lost 60 pounds in 7 rounds of the program.  That’s less than a year, people!!!!


And now…some things that just crack me up, just because.  It’s FUNNY FRIDAY!!!!!!!







You Get an Extra Day…

How are you going to spend it?  You’re given one whole extra day this year on Monday, February 29.  I’m sure the first impulse is to say, “I’m going to take an extra nap and eat an extra donut!”  It’s a bonus day, right?  So let’s live it up!

But this is your LIFE you’re talking about.  Not a game.  Sure, have fun with it…play a little extra, spend a little extra time in bed!  But why not look at it and take it as a new opportunity and a day to start something fresh (or start something over?!)  I’m looking at it as a day to make myself even THAT much better than I was on Feb. 28.  It’s not a day to sit back and then forget everything I did on March 1.  It’s a day to do something that will make a difference in my life!!

With that in mind, consider joining us.  Monday, February 29 we will be embarking on a new journey.  It doesn’t start Feb. 28 or March 1, but one that ONE extra day.  We’re going to take advantage of it!!!!

More details to come later today!!!stay tuned for a big announcement!.jpg

One Month Complete ~ Hammer & Chisel Review!

We reached the 4 week mark!  The 1 month mark!  The 30 day mark!  However you slice it, Ted and I finished the first phase of Hammer and Chisel!! I have to say, I’ve had some proud moments during this month but our proudest is when we finished week 4 on our anniversary trip away!  That doesn’t sound like fun to some people I realize, but to us skipping our exercise makes us cranky people.  When you get in a groove, the last thing you want to do is get out of that groove so Total Body Chisel at the hotel with Beachbody on Demand and Chisel Agility at home (we changed the order a bit that last week) when we got back that evening it was!  And here we are in Week 5.


I thought I would give a brief review up to this point, focusing on a couple of the 12 workouts the program includes.


Chisel Balance has you doing crazy moves like this, the “One Arm Press Bridge”:

1-arm-press-bridge-chisel-balance (You can use a bench or a stability ball for this workout.  Or the floor.  But using the ball like this REALLY works your glutes and core.)

This workout is 40 minutes and you use 2 sets of weights, light and medium (which you should increase as you go on in the program).  Cardio is definitely included in moves such as this (which I have yet to really master!):

img-0419.png(You can see here how the modifier is NOT using a bench for this move.  We did invest in one and I am glad we did but it is absolutely not required to do the program.)


Total Body Hammer has some discussion about pie and strudel and if that’s not enough to want to do it, I don’t know what is. 😉  This workout is also 40 minutes long, it’s intense, and it’s basic.  I absolutely love it.  It’s classic weight lifting where you work your muscles to failure and if that doesn’t sound pleasant at first, just wait until you feel it for yourself.

You do 3 large sets of 3 exercises for each set. You do a set of 10, then a set of 8, then finish with 6.  He lets you barely rest in between.  I’m so proud that I’ve upped my weights from 15 as my heavies to now using 15 as my mediums and I use 20 for heavies!!!!  It feels amazing!

img-0511.png(You can see here the ball being used again as opposed to the bench.  Totally workable!)


I’ll review more of the workouts during Month 2!!

Nutrition: If you decide to follow this program (or any Beachbody program for that matter) and do not pay attention to your nutrition, you will not see results.  Guaranteed.  I’ve been there, done that…believe me.  (That’s why this part is in bold!)

To me now, I am not going to work as darn hard as I do in the workout room and then ruin it all in the kitchen.  Total health is 70% nutrition, 30% exercise.  Even more so if you’re looking to get really ripped and chiseled.  So what I do is drink Shakeology either before or after my workout every day and I follow the Meal Plan that comes with the program as closely as I can.  I have treats and cheat meals for sure, but overall (80% off the time) my nutrition is clean, wholesome, and filling.  I eat about 6 times a day, smaller meals each time.


Hammer and Chisel ~ Three Weeks In!

My husband and I are in WEEK 4 of the newest Beachbody fitness program, Hammer and Chisel.  I can say this without a second of hesitation that we absolutely love it and are seeing results already.  Today marks Week 4, Day 4 – REST DAY!  So I thought I would take this restful chance to catch you all up on what’s gone down since January 11.

hammer and chisel

To start…Ted was starting this program in a much better place than I was.  He had been doing P90X3 workouts about 5 days a week.  He wasn’t following the exact schedule but was definitely committed!  Me, on the other hand?  Well, if we back up to last fall, I had completed INSANITY.  Yes, one of the hardest programs Beachbody has put out to date.  I. Finished. It.  And was darn proud!!!!  I was feeling good, fit, and healthy.  Then Halloween (and candy).  I threw my back out (not from exercising mind you but picking up a tub of baby clothes!!! I missed 2 weeks of exercise completely).  Then came middle son’s birthday (which ushers in a whirlwind of parties and holiday gatherings).  Then Thanksgiving and Christmas (and days off of school which equals laziness).  Come January, I wanted OFF this train!!!!  No more!!!  I didn’t work my butt off with Shaun T to gain weight back, lose strength in my core, and have no energy again.  Heck, no!  Not to mention, when I’m in this mode I slack on my Shakeology.  By January, we had THREE bags in back supply in our pantry.  THIS WAS NOT A GOOD SIGN.  It all added up.

Injury and feeling bad for myself + bad nutrition + no exercise =


We ordered H&C and started Jan. 11.  I WAS ALL IN and haven’t looked back.  The program consists of alternate workouts with two different trainers — Autumn Calabrese of 21 Day Fix fame and Sagi Kalev of Body Beast notoriety.   Autumn is the “Chisel” and Sagi is the “Hammer”.  (One of these days, I’m going to count how many times Autumn says “chisel” in a workout and how many times Sagi says “hammer”.  Hahaha!)  Here are some shots of our journey so far!  (These pics make me realize I need to stop rotating between 2 sports bras and invest in some new ones.) 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Despite their goofiness and how much I want to swear at them over the DVD-waves, I seriously am loving every minute of this program.  It works your ENTIRE body.  The major focus of the program is strength and I never knew how much lifting weights could make you sweat!!!  So calories are being burned, muscles are getting stronger and more cut, and my energy is back UP.  I would say so far this program is one of my favorites.

Mind, Body, Soul Prayer

Every day I get marriage prayers in my email from Jennifer Smith, “The Unveiled Wife” (read current and past prayers here).  Today’s was entitled “Rest For My Mind, Body, and Soul”!  I had to share it:

“Dear Lord,

Thank You for this life You have blessed me with. Thank You for my marriage and my family. I lift up this day to You and ask that You would guide me through it. I submit to You Lord and I pray Your will is done in my life. I also pray for rest, specifically for my mind, body, and soul. I pray for peace. I pray for time to breathe deeply and meditate on You. I pray for time to gather my thoughts and time to strengthen myself. Please give me this time to be built up so that I can better serve my family

In Jesus’ name AMEN!”

Amen, indeed!  Thanks, Jennifer!


a peaceful heart leads to a healthy body...


~ Kelly ❤ 🙂



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